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Regal Import Exports

We at regal are the leading exporters of Indian spices, dry fruits, oil seeds, herbs & grains. We are happy to be continuing to be part of India’s traditional export of spices. We know the international spice industry’s standards, and we can meet those standards. We have more than two decades in the export-import business, and our main expertise is in spices. Our company has been more focused on providing the best quality product to clients at competitive prices.

We are a certified export company, and we supply chilies, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, grains, oil seeds, rice, coconut, tea & more. We are situated in Gujarat and Rajasthan, the spice capital of India.


Black Pepper

Best Quality Indian Black Pepper Seeds, In Wide Ranges.

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Best Quality Indian Cardamom, In Wide Ranges.

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Red Chilli

Trade Quality Red Chilly At Lowest Rates.

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Cumin Seeds

High-Quality Cumin Seeds From India At Competitive Price.

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Trusted Suppliers For Indian Turmeric At Best Price.

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Our main goal is to provide high-quality Indian spices to our clients. India is one of the largest manufacturers of spices as well as an exporter globally, and we are very proud to represent Indian spices to the world. We provide top quality, 100% pure, and freshly grounded flavorings powder to many countries all around the globe. We find the best quality spices according to your requirements. We export globally within the given timeline.

Trusted Quality

We provide the best and trusted quality products to our clients.

No Artificial Colors Added

Our spices are 100% pure. We don't add color, so it gives a garnishing touch to your food.

Expert Team Member

We have expert team members, and they will help to guide you during the exporting process.

24X7 Supports

We are sincerely dedicated to our customers. We are here to help you 24X7.


We Export High quality- Spices, Cereals, Coconut, Coffee Beans, Tea, Rice, & Pulses to suppliers and more in Bulk Quantity at Best Prices. We are always committed to exporting safe and clean, sustainable products.